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Part 2: Let your ticket sales shine

The paradigm shift from analogue to digital ticketing reveals a number of strategic and tactical opportunities.

Digital ticketing is not just about business optimization through efficiency improvement. It is in fact a growth parameter. Digital ticketing is closely connected to the way a company sells and markets its tickets. The paradigm shift from analogue to digital ticketing reveals a number of strategic and tactical opportunities.

Online ticket sales is of course very effective, as the customers do all the work themselves. Usually, an online sales platform handles most sales and service procedures with a very limited need for human effort - especially from a seller's point of view. Consumers can buy and cancel tickets online, and as long as you have a solid and scalable platform you are all good.

So, the generic nature of tickets allow the seller to (more or less) remove the human factor from the sales process. However, the true key to market success lies in the internet mechanisms and the data assets.

Your customers leave something behind when purchasing a ticket. It is the customer's choice to get involved or not. However, there is a good chance that you can convert today's customers into tomorrows leads by using some of these tools:

  • Newsletter signup
  • SMS signup
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter and so on)
  • Remarketing (accept cookies)
  • Coupon campaigns (thanks for buying - here is a discount coupon for your next purchase)
  • User (create user and get more advantages, loyalty programmes)
  • Tip a friend (and earn a discount)
  • Collect email addresses (Facebook campaigns)

You can build an army of loyal customers and ambassadors. All you need to do is to ask politely and keep your customers happy in terms of good service and online dialogue. This is how 2015 consumers chose and recommend brands. Your online presence allows you to communicate your messages effectively online meaning that your success depends on how strong your brand message is.

Introducing digital ticketing can in fact reform more than just the way you physically sell and market your tickets. The administration system and your preferred online channels allow you to maneuver swiftly in the market place. Just to mention a few situations in which you will benefit from the flexibility of our digital ticketing concept:

  • There is a great demand for a given event and you get the option to increase the number of tickets.
  • You can run last minute campaigns at a decreased price.
  • You can resell cancelled tickets.
  • You can move your price swiftly and adapt to the competition.

In the next post we will look into the practicalities of the digital ticket concept from a customers point of view.

Thank you for your time.


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Digital Ticketing from inetdesign on Vimeo.

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