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6 reasons your company needs a good logo

Having a good logo can have a lasting impact on your company. It is therefore important to design a logo that differentiates from others and will be remembered.

If your logo looks like everyone else’s how will your customers remember you? And how will new customers find you? Having a good logo is about more than just making a good first impression. It can have a lasting impact on your company. Here are some more reasons why having a good logo is essential:

1. Great logos make great first impressions and build initial trust

Before your target audience wants do to business with you (coming to your web site or entering an office), the first impression about your company partly will be based on logo. If your logo is professional, customers are more likely to feel like your business is a professional one too.

2. Attract new clients

Your customers is exposed to hundreds of logos every day - and they know a good logo when they see one. By sending the right message to potential customers, your logo helps them choose you over the competition and to remember you in the right time.
Our experience tells us that when a client see a good logo of a company, they feel good about it. Additionally, a good logo helps to persuade them to do a business with you.

3. Stand out from your competition

Flip through the online business directory and you’ll quickly see that potential customers have plenty of landscaping company choices. You’ll also notice very few logos stand out from the crowd. Differentiating yourself from your competition is critical in winning the battle for customers and gaining market advantage.

4. Keep loyal customers

Good service is the key to keeping your customers. Don't let competitors tempt away your best customers. If your brand and your logo do not look good, your clients may decide to try the competition.

Our advice is: Do not put your business in that situation. Having an eye catchy logo convince clients, those who rather appreciate long term relationships, to choose your company over the next one.

5. Return on investment

As consumers grow to know, like and trust a specific brand, they are more likely to respond positively to successive encounters with a logo - potentially leading to increased sales or improved mind share within the target market. In addition, a well-designed logo implies a degree of professionalism and competence that could help steer potential new clients toward selecting the business rather than a competitor with no or substandard logos.

6. Build trust with professionalism

A professional logo will tell customers you're good at what you do. But a sloppy, boring logo conveys lack of ability and know-how, which destroys trust and makes people feel less confident in your products or services.

A story about branding

In our video below you can see how powerful branding and having a logo is.

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Lars Pedersen

Lars is partner and CEO of INETDESIGN. Lars has worked with online media since 1996 and is creative director. He connect the solutions on the creative and e-business level. Lars has a masters in multimedia and information science from University of Aarhus.

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