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Willkommen in Dänemark

1.6 million Germans are heading for the Danish border on holiday.

This is one of the findings in a survey conducted by Kantar Gallup for VisitDenmark. Along with partners Novasol, Dansk Kyst- og Naturturisme, Scandlines, Destination Sønderjylland, Ringkøbing Fjord Turisme og Destination Sydvestjylland, VisitDenmark  has made two commercials for vacation by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. They ran on selected German tv channels and online in January and February, where many Germans decide on this year's summer holiday.

The target audience quite an eye for our beautiful country. 1,200 Germans were asked about their reaction to the campaign and up to 36% say they will book a trip to Denmark after watching one of the two films.

Germans love their online freedom
At the same time, Germans are an experienced online community:
84% of Germans have access to the Internet.*
In 2016, 43% of the population have performed a holiday booking online.**

In other words they are not afraid to spend big sums of money. They will seek out the travel industry players with the best online experiences and booking flows.

Is your business ready to welcome them? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, if you need a partner who can assist you with both backend and frontend development as well as visual design.


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