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E-business solution – Digital tickets – 3D marketing


INETDESIGN has had a year long collaboration with Abildskou with an intense focus on developing and enriching the digital platforms and perfomances.

Abildskou has existed since 1983 with the owner Jess Abildskou as a trendsetter and frontrunner when it comes to using advanced technologies and innovative marketing concepts. These initiatives have made it possible to remain ahead as market leader.

Behind the scenes

The core of the Linie 888 platform is the digital ticket system, Tiggets, developed by INETDESIGN.

Tiggets consists of three core elements: a user friendly administration module, an omni channel sales platform and mobile scanner phones for access control.

Tiggets is integrated with Umbraco and Mailchimp offering a set of marketing tools to support strong marketing initiatives through Google, YouTube and Facebook.

Tiggets for buses

The Abildskou eBusiness platform is build on the digital ticketing system, Tiggets Bus, by INETDESIGN. Tiggets Bus supports both small and large bus companies with great features to handle and optimize operations.

Tiggets offers several advantages such as the dynamic ticket feature to create strong marketing concepts and drive people to your brand and optimize sales and logistics.

Tiggets is also available as Tiggets Ferry and Tiggets Tour Operators. More at

INETDESIGN know their stuff all around. They have taken us on a long and very exciting journey making the online investment a considerable success. INETDESIGN has my recommendations.

Jess Abildskou, owner Abildskou A/S

Branding and marketing

Many would consider intercity bus transportation as a price sensitive and generic product. And to some extent it is. That makes the branding aspect of a company like Abildskou crucial. It is a matter of being top of mind and the preferred choice.

At INETDESIGN we are responsible for planning and executing the Abildskou branding and media strategy.

As a tool we created an animated 3D universe defining the red thread in all customer touch points. Our Abildskou family runs the show on the sales platform, on social media such as Facebook and YouTube, in newsletters, on television, on the Abildskou buses, at exhibitions and in ads.

The innovative ticket scanner

Efficient and precise access control of tickets is at the center of the Abildskou solution. All drivers and buses are equipped with industrial strength scannerphones with full smartphone capabilities.

The scanner application can operate in both online and offline mode. When online it fetches realtime ticket and departure data and logs and reports all scanner events back to Tiggets.

Boarding is easy

Boarding is executed swiftly and precisely with any type of ticket displayed by the customer. The average boarding time has dropped - positive for both business and customer satisfaction.

The scanner app supports moving customers between departures enabling a high level of customer service.

Point of Sale functionality including physical creditcard payments is estimated due in Q4 2015.

Booking process

Today's users expect nothing but a flawless, fast and intuitive booking flow when searching, choosing and buying tickets online.

The Abildskou sales platform turns a wide range of departures, ticket types, prices, discounts and information into a nice shopping experience no matter what device you are holding.

The importance of the booking process and interface quality is pronounced. We are not only looking to sell the product and improve conversion rates. We want to make the customer happy by delivering a supreme online service convincing him to return.

Facts about the solution

CMS platform


Booking system integration

Custom developed booking system - Tiggets


Microsoft .Net




Custom developed intranet


Google Analytics

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