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Advanced online booking for Jesperhus

Booking of camping lots, holiday homes, cabins and tents online

Webshop and booking

We have developed online solutions for Jesperhus since 1998 where we produced their first website. Since then the solution has become an essential part of their business and today most of their sales happen online.

Technically the website is developed on the Umbraco CMS platform with a custom integration to Spectra Systems and a webshop.

In the back-end of the solution we have custom designed systems to deliver user relevant content using data mining.

Jesperhus can administer campaigns and discounts and enhance the standard content that is output from Spectra Systems.

Responsive website

The website is responsive and works across devises and browsers.

The number of mobile and tablet users that book online is very high and therefore supporting these platforms is essential.

Facts about the solution

CMS platform

Umbraco with online booking

Booking integration

Custom developed booking flow and integration to Spectra Systems


Microsoft .Net

E-commerce platform

Tea Commerce



Reporting tool

Google Analytics

Boost sales with online booking?

Please feel free to contact us. We are specialists in websites, online booking, e-commerce and online marketing. We are pretty confident that we can help you and your business in getting more out of your online activities.

Martin Rickmann

Director of eBusiness · Partner · 8612 2240