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Online ticketing and simple process

Buying tickets and the handling of them is simple with the booking system Tiggets

Book your tickets online

Nordic Seaplanes flies between Aarhus and Copenhagen in only 45 minutes. The first departures were in the summer of 2016 and since then the number of sold tickets keeps increasing.

The seaplane has a seating capacity of 17 and when you arrive in Copenhagen you can borrow an Audi Avant Sport to continue your travels - for free.

Website & online booking

Nordic Seaplanes has a custom developed solution based on Umbraco CMS where they can create and maintain content. Seamlessly integrated with the website we have the Tiggets based custom made booking flow ensuring a good booking process for the customers.

Tiggets supports selling tickets online and handles the check-in process.

Visit the site here:

Facts about the solution

CMS platform


Bookingsystem integration

Custom developed integration to the booking system Tiggets


Microsoft .Net



Reporting tool

Google Analytics

Booking online - contact Christian

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