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Let us breathe w's for you!

Your clients know what they want - but do you know what they want?

We answer the questions your customers ask through thorough work with SEO, SEM, E-mail marketing, content and much much more.

E-mail marketing

Pretty much everyone with a customer-based company uses newsletters to reach out. But the quality can vary and for a newsletter to be effective, it must look nice and have content that gets the reader’s attention.


Analytics gives you a valuable knowledge on users, sources and revenue and its ability to work together with other tools such as Google Search Console and Google Adwords is useful.


Before executing on online marketing, we develop a strategy based on an analysis of your business objectives. This enables us to provide a 360 degree guidance and execution of your marketing plan on several platforms.


Advertising with Google Adwords makes you visible in the top of Google’s search result pages. If based on a thourough strategy, Adwords advertsing is a very profitable discipline. You only pay, when your ads are clicked on.


Content is what helps people find their way to your site. Content is the heart of your business. If you want to create great content, then go all in with inbound marketing.


We design banners, visual identities and awesome websites. We also make animations that makes you stand out. The right graphics are necessary for the communication to be clear and meaningful.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… The social medias are many and they are to be used in different ways. With to-the-point ads, you can hit bullseye with the right message to the right target audience.


We can make you visible to search engines. SEO improves the way Google reads your website and estimates its relevance. By optimizing to search engines, your site will rank higher.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is talking to your consumers. It lets your consumer in control and deliver what they demand. It is blogging, articles, videos, webinars. It is qualified help to the consumers, answering their questions so they are enlightened about a subject that they are searching for. The opposite of inbound marketing is the annoying sales types and marketing that costs more than what it is worth.

Create an impact

If you want your brand and your message to be perceived clearly it has to be supported by great design. You can use graphics, UX, motion graphics and animation. Whether you should use the one or the other depends on your target group, the message, the wanted visual design, objective and budget.

E-mail marketing

Newletters with crips messages sent to the right target group not only increase your sales but also strengthen your brand. E-mail marketing covers far more than newsletters and is also a way where you can care for and maintain your existing customers - and create new sales ready leads.

You are your content

You are what you write. If you write good and usable texts - hereby meaning on all platforms and for all purposes - then your high-pitched sales voice can relax more. Good content is a big part of the work you should focus on if you want clients in our business.

We create digital advantages

INETDESIGN is a creative, digital agency who delivers user friendly, digital solutions for both the B2B and the B2C market. As a business oriented digital agency, we focus on the growth and development of your business. We use our creative and technical skills to deliver a high quality product, which gives you satisfied customers.