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New website in express speed

We get you. You want a new, good looking website, but you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it or spend time on endless meetings. The solution is Umbraco Express.

Why Umbraco Express?

Value for money is the simple answer. We lightly skip design, markup and implementation. And we don't make compromises on the result. Far from it.

Solid basis solution

We can quickly set up an Umbraco Express website with your visual characters. Get started with a lot of cool templates in just one day. 

Instruction and support

You can be responsible for the content, but you are never alone. You'll receive one-on-one instrution and friendly support from our office in Aarhus, Denmark.

Structure and content

We can assist in making your website user friendly and ready for launch, amongst other things by producing cool content, including video.

Scalable and open

With Umbraco Express you are not tied down to either functionality, design or us. Umbraco is open source, integrable and super flexible.

But how does it look?

With Umbraco Express you always end up with a nice, responsive website without any fuss. Built in a solid starter kit based on Umbraco CMS, the website is adapted to your identity and possibly your need for custom functionality. See examples of themes here:

Boost sales with online booking?

Please feel free to contact us. We are specialists in websites, online booking, e-commerce and online marketing. We are pretty confident that we can help you and your business in getting more out of your online activities.

Lars Pedersen

CEO · Creative Director · Partner · 8612 2240