Part 2: Let your ticket sales shine

Part 2: Let your ticket sales shine

The paradigm shift from analogue to digital ticketing reveals a number of strategic and tactical opportunities.


Dynamicweb 8.7 release

Dynamicweb 8.7 release

You gotta love the new Dynamicweb 8.7 features!

01 April, 2015

A little bit about branding

Running a business on the internet is super easy because everything is at hand, right?

Demand, technology, design templates, modules, marketing tools and so on...

And it is natural to talk about how fast, cheap and effective you can launch a webshop or digitalize parts of your business. After all launching an internet business is basically plug and play and anyone and their mother can use Google, YouTube and Facebook to drive traffic to a website.

But you know...

It is really not that simple. And we are quite sure that most of you agree with us.

In this post we will not discuss the advantages and importance of technology, software, digital media strategies or content marketing. Instead we would like you to consider, how it is you will succeed on the internet. What makes you the preferred choice?

You might succeed if you plan to have the right product at the right time at the right price and get the message out on search engines and social media. However, you will not be the only one with that plan - by far.

Two recommendations: Differentiate your product, service and brand. Enjoy the video and get in touch if you are ready to win in the long term. +45 86 12 22 40 / 


Branding from inetdesign on Vimeo.