Bringing wine to you in the nude

Bringing wine to you in the nude

Facts you should know about motion graphics

Facts you should know about motion graphics

There are many reasons to be interested in motion graphics. It can be use in a wide range of scenarios and is the latest trend in the design industry. 

05 June, 2014

Animation as a messenger

Storytelling is a powerful tool, crucial for most businesses. It actually changes the way companies run their businesses and its role in building relations with customers has evolved through time.

Storytelling is just one way of sharing knowledge and spreading ideas. There are other interactive solutions like apps, vizualizations, motion graphics, animation and games which can also be used to share knowledge and change what people think, feel and do.

Companies which do not understand how to use their power are missing out an essential skill of the 21st century business principles.

Through his extensive experience in running digital businesses and building digital creative solutions for clients, our Creative Director&CEO, Lars Pedersen just shared his talents as a creative coach at the workshop "Visual growth", held on June 2-3, together with four other great experts within the fields of animation.

The aim of the workshop was tog guide businesses through a proven process of expressing the core idea, developing a solid concept and performing a bulletproof pitch at the end. The disciplines were within the field of animation to drive visual communication and to improve conversions. Animation was used as the media to carry this from the company to the end user with great effectiveness.

The companies attending this event were schooled through all disciplines of animation. They formed their core idea, created a great concept and delivered a solid pitch. They got a full insight into how animation and audio visual products can communicate something complicated in a very simple way and why choosing this as their communication channel will boost their business.

The event was sponsored by Visuelle Veje part of the Animation Workshop, Via College.

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