Dynamicweb B2C solution of the year finalist

Dynamicweb B2C solution of the year finalist

Yay! Our solution for LYSPUNKT has made it to the finals in this year's Dynamicweb B2C Solution of the year. 

29 August, 2017

INET-DESIGN and DIBS behind new e-book

INET-DESIGN has teamed up with DIBS and created a new e-book for offline businesses about to go online. The book is packed with good advice for you to consider before you take the big step and create your own webshop:  

What preparations are wise to do, before you take your business online? How do you stay focussed on your customers while at the same time keeping your eyes on the money? How do you handle your inventory and maintain a high level of customer service? Last but not least how do you market your new webshop?

The e-book answers all the basic questions that you should ask before taking the big step. If you have more when you are done reading, please reach out to us - we are happy to help.

Download the book, or come by our office to pick up a copy.