A little bit about branding

A little bit about branding

Branding is walking a fine line and it can tip the scale for your E-business. Watch our newest video on branding and get inspired.  


The branding video that went viral...

The branding video that went viral...

Illustrating the importance of branding using famous logos without actually showing a single one.

02 September, 2015

Dynamicweb 8.7 release

DynamicWeb just released the latest version 8.7 of their all-in-one e-commerce platform. This latest release contains new and exiting features as well as a number of improvements on existing functionality. Among the headline features of this release are:

  • Recurring orders
  • Purchase and using gift cards
  • Saving customer credit card information
  • New shipping fee matrix
  • Support for multiple vouchers
  • Improved smart search and indexing capabilities

Read Dynamicwebs release presentation or learn more on the benefits of the Dynamicweb All-In-One platform

Armed to our teeth

INETDESIGN spent August renewing our Dynamicweb certications and skills. We acquired a total of 11 certifications 5 of which are developer level.

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Executive Partner Brief

On September 3rd we are spending the day with Dynamicweb at the Executive Partner Briefing and we are looking forward to hearing a lot more about the benefits and future plans.