Animation as a messenger

Animation as a messenger

6 reasons your company needs a good logo

6 reasons your company needs a good logo

Having a good logo can have a lasting impact on your company. It is therefore important to design a logo that differentiates from others and will be remembered.

01 July, 2014

Facts you should know about motion graphics

Motion graphics is the latest trend in the design industry. Why is that - and what is motion graphics?

Motion graphics could be defined as graphics with a difference that these graphics appear in motion while the viewing experience of those graphics mostly depend on the quality of the graphics. One of the main purpose of development and launching these videos is to offer viewers the same experience which they get when they watch any other videos which are shot by real cameras and in real surroundings. Motion graphics are mostly used in animation movies and videos which are quite popular these days specially amongst the kids.

Online animations are based on the concept of the real characters which can either be animals or human beings. These characters are turned into some animated characters which having a specific names for each of them. They are made to some interesting acts, which are most the times funny and these acts are designed in such an aesthetic way that viewers are made to believe that they are real. In spite of being animated they offer the same feel which the real videos give to the viewers.

Animated videos are extremely popular these days and a number of renowned organizations and production and media houses across the world who were till date busy in making real life videos and movies are showing great interest in making animated movies. Followings are some these advantages which have made the motion graphics so popular:

Motion graphics can be used in all sectors be it for a serious cause or something lighter such as social awareness programs, child education, gaming sectors training sectors or in entertainment sectors etc.

Animation that is being used in motion graphics is quite effective in packaging and branding of any product. It can even helps to repackage and rebrand a product which is quite an old and currently going low in the market. Motion graphics also help in demonstrating a new product or a brand to its potential customers while