Why your business needs marketing with 3D technology?

Why your business needs marketing with 3D technology?

3D can simplify even the most complicated concepts. It can be particularly important in the early stages of an idea, as pitching to clients, looking for funding or preparing staff to sell a new product or idea.


Never launch on a Friday - unless you are pretty confident about your product

Never launch on a Friday - unless you are pretty confident about your product
14 July, 2014

How to promote your business at exhibitions

You have decided to present your business and products at an exhibition or a tradeshow. All your efforts to have the best presentation and to stand out among other competitors are directed toward this. But, sometimes it is hard to decide how to present your company or your products? Would you like to reach the maximum number of viewers to your stand? Or do you simply wish to improve the presentation of your promotion with audiovisual content? Harness the power of online video and combine it with your promotional efforts: in this post we will offer you some ideas and suggestions for presenting your product/service with a video at exhibitions and tradeshows.

You want your video to reach the maximum number of users, and get as many views, as possible. However, this time you want to go that much further. You know that a well-designed video can help transmit information in a way that is fun, and that improves the engagement of your users. It is a proven fact that videos are one of the favorite forms of content for users, accustomed as they are to receiving and sharing audiovisual information online.

One of the most popular features of any exhibition stand or public display area is the display screen. Many clients use this medium as one of the big focal points for their exhibition, something to catch the eye of the passerby and hopefully get a message across. For this to be successful however, the content has to be appropriate including engaging and informative video content for display screens. In addition, this content has to be interesting and relevant to the purpose. But how the video can be used?

Videos can be created with the aim of:

  • Promoting a new product
  • Promoting a service
  • Discussing your company
  • Introducing your team
  • Displaying testimonials from customers

Video production costs have fallen with new available technologies and you can film your own footage that can be incorporated into the video but also you can start from the scratch by hiring professional agency to do it for you. No matter which choice you make, the final result will be an interesting and relevant video, making full use of the display screen. Importantly, customers will stop and engage with your brand.

After your exhibition, the content can continue to be used on your website or shared through social networking websites and video hosting websites, available for the world to see 24 hours a day.

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