Looking to improve your website performance? Use video!

Looking to improve your website performance? Use video!

A recent study by Brandmovers and Huset Markedsføring rates video as the most effective content marketing tactic.


How to promote your business at exhibitions

How to promote your business at exhibitions

One of the most popular features of any exhibition stand or public display area is the display screen. Make your display screen as effective as possible!

26 February, 2015

Why your business needs marketing with 3D technology?

When presenting an idea, visually explaining a concept or highlighting the inner workings of a product, 3D design offers cutting edge advantages over many other forms of traditional media.

The world of 3D can quickly simplify complicated concepts and inner-product mechanisms which are difficult to visualize with traditional graphics and film. Concepts and ideas which are still under development can be created, brought to life and viewed in various angles and stages of their life cycle. These are areas that cannot be easily represented through drawings or written explanation. This can be particularly important in the early stages of an idea, as pitching to clients, looking for funding or preparing staff to sell a new product or idea.

Investing in any form of marketing and communications collateral for business is important, and if planned correctly it will always bring return on investment to holistic brand communications. 3D design and animation is no exception. Creating a highly dynamic and visually engaging 3D visual will improve brand image and product marketability, as well as help to be perceived as technologically advanced due to the multimedia techniques which are being utilized.

3D design can increase revenue as well as saving a lot of time and money that could be wasted in misdirected investments in other media. If looking to organise an event or conference for example, then have your venue and theme built in 3D first. This will allow you to make multiple changes before the production of the set even gets signed off prior to physical production.


3D designs are not just for those with large budgets either. Here at inetdesign we recently produced a series of 3D animations for a manufacturer of scientific measuring tools for the research industry and a furniture manufacturer. Both types of 3D animations were produced on lower budgets compared to either photo manipulation or video using real footage. Both clients in the two very different sectors now have a sales and marketing tool that will make them shine over their competitors.

Besides the fact that 3D marketing can help to grow your sales it is also:

  • Flexible
  • Time and cost effective
  • An enhanced customer's understanding of your product
  • A richer, more satisfying purchasing experience
  • Customizable and updatable to show new enhancements

You can benefit from 3D design in the experimental marketing, conference design, packaging development, exhibitions, concept visuals, fly-throughs, animations, sales tools, architectural visuals, online marketing, pitch proposals, advertising, tender documents, live events, prototyping, product development and sales training.

At the end 3D design can dramatically enhance your concept visuals and improve visibility of your business.

Let us help your business grow by making your next concept in 3D!