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INET-DESIGN is a creative digital agency. We build, manage and market beautiful digital solutions that make a difference for our clients.

Brands we work with

  • Elsalg
  • Mosquito
  • Honda
  • Abildskou
  • Jesperhus
  • EDI-Soft
  • Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark
  • ScanNet
  • Nykredit
  • Feriering
  • Velux
  • VisitDenmark
  • Randers Storcenter
  • XL-Byg


  • Adnan
    Adnan Catovic

    Adnan Catovic


    Adnan started his career as a financial software developer 8 years ago. Over the years he has gained some solid experience in enterprise systems. He Enjoys simple and powerful implementation of design patterns.

    At inetdesign he works as a back end .NET and Web developer, he also knows a thing or two about network administration and organisation development which might comes in handy at some point.

    When he is not working, he studies at the Faculty of Information Technology in Mostar, to gain further experience in his field.

    In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer, basketball, riding, traveling and listening to music.

  • Anders
    Anders Thorsen Holm

    Anders Thorsen Holm


    Our wizard front-end developer and anime aficionado Anders, born and raised on the cold island of Greenland.

    He makes Photoshop files come alive and molds them to work flawlessly on all thinkable internet devices.

    When Anders is not working he is often found riding his mountainbike on the outskirts of Aarhus.

  • Anton
    Anton Huml

    Anton Huml

    Motion Graphics Designer

    Anton or Toni is our video producer and animator focussing on motion graphics and post production.

    Professional in the field since 2004 his portfolio includes advertising work for almost all major clients in the Balkan region, broadcast design for multiple TV houses, several award-winning short animated films and feature film visual effects.

  • Armin
    Armin Beciragic

    Armin Beciragic

    Motion Graphics Designer

    Armin, the manager of our Bosnian office, is a bachelor of philosophy and information technology from the University of Sarajevo. 

    He works mainly with animation and motion graphics. With 10 years of experience Armin has a solid web and Flash background.

    In his spare time he likes going to the gym and playing basketball with his friends.

  • Christian
    Christian Bækhøj Nielsen

    Christian Bækhøj Nielsen

    Junior Consultant

    Christian is our young intern. He is studying a bachelor in International Sales & Marketing at Business Academy Aarhus, which he finishes in January.

    He works with marketing, sales and communication.

    When not at work, Christian enjoys spending time with his friends, playing soccer or doing some crazy exercises in the gym.

  • Christian
    Christian Skov

    Christian Skov

    Partner / Communications

    Christian holds a master of communication and marketing from Aarhus Business School. He is  responsbile for sales, business development and key account project management.

    On a daily basis he works with online marketing, branding and concept development for new and existing clients.

    When not at the office Christian is a family and soccer guy.

  • Christina
    Christina Holm Hansen

    Christina Holm Hansen

    Junior Consultant

    Christina has a bachelor in Media Studies and Business Economics and is now studying to get a master in Media Studies at Aarhus University.

    As an intern she works with things as writing, SEO and communication in general.

    When not at the office or the university, she likes to spend her time reading blogs, eating cake or going out with friends.

  • Darijan
    Darijan Kalauzovic

    Darijan Kalauzovic

    3D Artist

    Darijan is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo with expertise in product design.

    He has been in the CG industry for the past 4 years working on various custom character rigs and models for production.

    His passions are traveling, meeting new people, watching movies, going to the gym and enjoying the company of his friends.

  • Davor
    Davor Zlotrg

    Davor Zlotrg


    Davor holds a degree in Computer Science. He works as a backend developer and knows a thing or two about mobile app design for both iOS and Android platforms too.

    Besides programming he loves snowboarding, biking and swimming. As Davor puts it: "After long working hours nothing feels as good as some physical activity. It makes you healthy, fit and ready for anything".

  • Edin
    Edin Durmisevic

    Edin Durmisevic

    Illustrator and animator

    Edin was born in the glorious year of 1985 in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He went to the Academy of fine arts in Sarajevo and he has also finished Animation mentor school for character animation in California. Mostly he does illustrations, concept art drawings and animations.

    In his spare time, Edin loves to be active, especially after a day siting at the office desk, he likes to play soccer and swim.

    He also likes to watch movies, especially animated ones, read a lot of books and hang out with his friends.

    Take a look at Edins personal blog featuring his many illustrations and sketches. 

  • Elvedin
    Elvedin Mesic

    Elvedin Mesic


    Elvedin began his career as a graphic designer in the worldwide advertising agency Publicis. On top of that he started to work with web design and frontend development.

    He is responsible for semantic markup, CSS and Javascripts. Currently he is studying Information Technology at the University of Mostar.

    In his spare time he is looking into new things and technologies, eg. Ruby on Rails. He is a big fan of Formula 1 racing, Star Wars and Star Trek.

  • Ervin
    Ervin Beciragic

    Ervin Beciragic


    Ervin holds a bachelor degree in chemistry from the University of Sarajevo.

    As our lead PHP developer he has a strong passion for web development. He has more than 10 years of experience in creating and managing dynamic websites. 

    Ervin enjoys playing chess, soccer and hanging out with friends.

  • Goran Hrustic
    Goran Hrustic

    Goran Hrustic

    Web Developer

    Goran is a student of the University of Graphic Arts in Sarajevo.

    In the past 7 years he has been working to analyze and create visual solutions to communication problems.

    Goran is an expert in analyzing the most effective way of getting a message across by print or electronic using a variety of methods such as color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques.

    He also has skills in developing the overall layout HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 for Desktop/Mobile websites, interactive media, and multimedia projects.

    When he is not working, Goran has a love for skiing - especially on Jahorina - traveling, playing guitar and meeting new friends.

  • Goran Markovic
    Goran Markovic

    Goran Markovic


    With a bachelor in advertising Goran has 12 years of experience working in the creative industry. 

    He has worked with a diverse selection of clients and a variety of projects from 48 sheet posters to the little patterns on panty liners...

    For the past two years Goran has discovered the father inside.

  • Hasan
    Hasan Bajramovic

    Hasan Bajramovic

    3D Artist

    Hasan finished his studies in Malaysia and holds a bachelor degree in Arts and Creative Multimedia.

    He is in love with art, games and music and lives for 3D character and environment design and modeling. His creations have received numerous awards and nominations worldwide.

    See some of the awards Hasan has received on his website.

  • Igor
    Igor Petrovski

    Igor Petrovski

    CG Artist

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  • Lars
    Lars Pedersen

    Lars Pedersen

    Creative Lead & Partner

    Lars holds a master in Multimedia and Information Science from Aarhus University.

    With a passion for great design and creative work his heart beats for mindblowing e-business solutions ensuring online growth for our clients. 

    He is the captain of INETDESIGN. He loves to work on great projects with a desire to utilize the full power of the web. 

  • Linette
    Linette Skalborg Andersen

    Linette Skalborg Andersen

    Communication Consultant

    Linette has a master in International Business Communication in German from Aarhus University.

    She works with development of websites, SEO, writing (in German) and communication in general.

    When Linette do not work, she is online, jogging or enjoying the time together with her boyfriend, friends or family.

  • Maja
    Maja Langberg

    Maja Langberg

    SEO & Social Media Manager

    Maja holds a master of German Communication from Aarhus Business School.

    Her skillset includes SEO & SEM and she knows her way around all the social media networks. Moreover, she is an excellent project manager making the team (of men) stick to the plan. 

    When not buried deep in the newest Facebook features Maja is honking at people on the highway or de-stressing with a run in the park.

  • Martin
    Martin Rickmann

    Martin Rickmann

    Technical Lead & Partner

    Martin is one of two partners at INETDESIGN. He holds a master in Multimedia and Information Science.

    As Technical Lead Martin draws the big lines in development and he is responsbile for all technical key account project managment.

    Martin also has a passion for utilizing technology to create powerfull and complex e-business solutions that integrate with the clients' business systems.

    By the way, Martin's thesis was on Counter-Strike.

  • Nadir
    Nadir Badnjevic

    Nadir Badnjevic


    Nadir holds an Engineer's degree in Computer Science.

    He works as a backend .NET and Web developer with more than 6 years of experience.

    Nadir loves to explore and learn new trends and development technologies.

    In his spare time Nadir loves to ride his mountain bike on Sarajevo's surrounding hills. Also in the winter Nadir loves skiing on Sarajevo's olympic mountains.

  • Nils
    Nils Gödecke

    Nils Gödecke

    Web Consultant

    Nils has an AP in Multimedia Design and Communication from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

    He works with creative concept development, graphic design, SEO, communication and HTML. 

    Nils is our master of german swearing. When Nils is not working he reads blogs on his iPad or eats tasty currywurst. Unless he needs to walk his dog.

  • Peter
    Peter Bertelsen

    Peter Bertelsen

    Creative consultant

    Peter has a bachelor degree in language and communication from Aarhus Business School. 

    He works with concept development and interaction design for our website and mobile solutions. Peter also works with SEO and online marketing. 

    When not at the office you can find Peter in an old school near Aarhus jamming on guitars and synths with his band.

  • Poul Henning
    Poul Henning Pedersen

    Poul Henning Pedersen

    Senior Consultant

    Poul Henning is the oldest and wisest man at the office and our senior consultant.

    He has a background in retail and has worked with 10000s of different clients over the years where his mantra "never promise more than you can keep" has come to play.  

    He works with creating lasting customer relations, sales and acts as a senior advisor.

  • Sandin
    Sandin Medjedovic

    Sandin Medjedovic

    Senior Designer and Visual Artist

    Juggling freelance and agency work for the past 10 years.
    Creative journey started with street art which led him to Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and then to advertising world.
    Focused on various different types of design and illustration work including logo and branding design, print, concept development and art direction.

    Sandin is also a founder of Molimao - indie clothing brand, member of Repetitor VJz collective and wannabe cook.

  • Lejla
    Lejla Kapetanovic

    Lejla Kapetanovic

    PR and Branding Manager

    Lejla is our Digital&Branding Manager focused on Implementing innovative solutions for raising branding awareness through digital ways.

    With more than 8 years of working experience in the communication field, Lejla is PR strategist with a history of gaining positive media exposure for international clients, driving business results and managing crisis situations. She spent one year in the United States as a Fulbright scholar and done her professional affiliation at the Edelman office in New York. Her comprehensive, corporate communications and public relations experience include background with Fortune 500 companies and public sector experience.

    Being passionate about history, Lejla loves to travel and explore not only various cultures&customs, but also cuisines and good wine.

  • Emir
    Emir Durmisevic

    Emir Durmisevic

    Illustrator and animator

    Emir was born in Sarajevo, 02. April 1985. (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
    He finished High School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo, department of art and graphic design and illustration. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, (Academic Department - classical graphic art) winning the award “Golden badge” as the best student.
    Emir has work as a character animator (2D classic and 3D computer animation), character design/development and illustration. He is co-author of a short animated film "Stone tale" which was screened at festivals in New York, Paris, Athens, Sarajevo. He has more than 8 years of professional experience working with production of 2D/3D animations, concepts/illustrations and character design/developments.

    In his spare time he loves to travel with his friends and get to know different people and their cultures. Hi is a big fan of history and read’s a lot of books on various history events. To get work out of his mind he likes to draw and sketch and to go for a recreational swim.

    His creative maxim is „What we know is just a drop in a sea of knowledge, but we should try to grab as much water as we can“




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