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Interfjord website and animation videos

Umbraco based website for the global shipping company Interfjord.

Umbraco as platform

The solution is custom designed and developed with Umbraco CMS as platform for easy access to editing and creation of content. The website has 3 language versions and links to tracking and booking of shipments.

Responsive website

With the increasing number of mobile users the solution supports all different devices through a responsive design. It is important for Interfjord that the website has great usability across platforms with the same look and feel.

Animation videos

No media tells a story better than a film.

That is why we have produced 6 videos for the different shipping segments: Global Economy, Global Express, Air freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight og Domestic Service.

On top of that Interfjord has a company presentation and a logo animation.

The visuals on the website connect with the branding in the videos to create the same look and feel.

Facts about the solution

CMS platform


Motion graphics

8 videos for branding and business segments


Microsoft .Net



Reporting tool

Google Analytics

Use sound and animation as branding

Contact us to hear more. We are specialists in animation and visualisation. We can help your business in utilizing motion graphics til increase your visibility, brand value and conversion. We often use it in campaigns and on websites to increase the user experience.  

Christian Skov

CFO · Partner · 8612 2240