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Terms and conditions / Privacy

All great projects need talented project managers and a mutual understanding. On this page you will find all the formel stuff.

1. Project terms and conditions

These standard terms and conditions regulate all projects and deliveries unless a specific written agreement is signed.

⇒  Standard terms and conditions (Danish)

2. Support/service SLA

We deliver support and service according to this service level agreement.

⇒  SLA (English)

3. Hosting SLA

For our hosting clients this Standard SLA for Hosting applies.

⇒  Standard SLA for Hosting (English)

⇒  Standard SLA for Hosting (Danish)

4. Privacy

We treat your personal data with respect. Please read our privacy policy, if your are interested in our data management and your rights according to GDPR.

⇒  Data protection and Privacy Policy (English)

⇒  Persondatapolitik (Danish)

5. Cookie policy

In our cookie policy you can read about the cookies that we use on this website. There you can also change or delete your consent.

⇒  Cookie policy

6. Data processing agreement

The data processing agreement regulates our management of personal data on behalf of our clients as an appendix to the terms in point 1-3 on this page.

⇒  Data processing agreement (English)

⇒  Data processing agreement (Danish)

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