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Holiday house rental by the Northern Sea

All-round digital palette to rent out holiday homes by the Northern Sea in the area of Henne Strand

Købmand Hansens Feriehusudlejning

Købmand Hansen is a family owned agency that opened in 1968. They now have 800 holiday homes available for rent. Henne Strand is a beautiful area with sandy beaches, the Northern Sea and dunes. Each year attracting 1000s of Danish and German guests enjoying the beautiful settings in a holiday home.

Online sales platform

The website for Købmand Hansens is a user friendly Umbraco solution with deep integration to BookingStudio making sure that a guest can book a holiday home easily.

In the design we use a 3D character of the owner Købmand Hansen inline as animation and stills. The site has an advanced search function making it possible to search for an available house with the right specifications.

The site is available in both German and Danish and content is targeted towards these two markets as they are the primary guests in the area.

Mobile friendly solution that sells

More and more users shop online with mobile devices. That is why the website for Købmand Hansen is responsive and compatible with all platforms and devices. This helps optimizing sales and website conversion.

Facebook ads & campaigns

Since 2005 we have helped running online campaigns and marketing for Købmand Hansen. The campaigns are always planned and executed across all platforms and marketing channels. They are also targeted the individual segments through e.g. Facebook or Adwords.

We have executed a remarking campaign collecting subscribers for the newsletter by targeting customers who already visited the website.

We have executed product catalogue campaigns where products are pulled out from the website and displayed to people that have looked at a holiday home without booking it.

A final example is a World Cup campaign with graphics, landing pages with specific content, social media and newsletters.

AdWords that work and convert

INETDESIGN manages AdWords campaigns for Købmand Hansen. Those include display campaigns using product feeds pulled from the back-end systems with updated prices. The campaigns have been targeting visitors that did not buy.

Online marketing campaigns with results

Facebook ads that convert, great performing AdWords campaigns and news letters sent form MailChimp. Examples are: Christmas gift calendar, 50year anniversary, Valentines Day, Star Wards and Buy a gift certificate. See below.

Facts about the solution

CMS platform

Umbraco with online booking

Booking integration

Custom developed booking flow and  integration to BookingStudio


Microsoft .Net



Reporting tool

Google Analytics

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