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Sanovo Technology Group

A digital branding platform

We have the pleasure of a continuous collaboration with Sanovo Technology Group in forming their website and online platform.

The website is developed on the Umbraco CMS platform and the visuals are thoughtfully incorporated along with the use of animation and motion graphics to underline the world's leading brand in egg handling.

Global availability

The Sanovo Technology Group website is responsive and works across platforms and devices. It is also using Microsoft Azure CDN to ensure availability world wide with great speeds where ever the customer is located. The site uses an intelligent IP-filtering mechanism to ensure delivering of the correct language and region.

Facts about the solution

CMS platform


IP filtering

Country and region specific


Microsoft .Net

Content delivery network

Microsoft Azure CDN

Recruitment platform


Reporting tool

Google Analytics


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Marketing automatisering


Need a website?

Please feel free to contact us. We are specialists in advanced websites, online booking, e-commerce and online marketing. We are pretty confident that we can help you and your business in getting more out of your online activities.

Christian Skov

CFO · Partner · 8612 2240