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Do you need a (new) website?

We have created websites for more than 20 years and therefore have a great knowledge of what works - and what does not. We deliver both big custom built sites and fast template solutions with Umbraco Express.

Our results

If you don't think we have been there - we probably have...

We have almost 20 years experience with creating digital solutions, and we have not spent those 20 years with our feet solidly planted in one industry. We have been through most; transportation, construction, production, detail and retail. Actually we have done all from library systems to sex toys - and of course within both B2B and B2C.

Watch the video with some of our newest solutions and get inspired.

Responsive websites

A website should be adjusted and optimized for both desktop, tablet and mobile as far as usability can take it.

It has to be easy for the users to get access to your content because then you do not loose them to something as simple as small letters or eternities of zoom and scroll.

Umbraco CMS

We use Umbraco CMS for our website solutions. It is easy to work with for editors and it is flexible to develop in without limitations. Umbraco is open source, developed in Denmark and loved by our team of developers and clients. The Umbraco CMS platform is in a constant state of development and a pleasure to work with.

The flexibility in the system makes it possible to make both very complex and simple websites in the same system without compromising usability.

We have tried a lot of systems through the years and Umbraco is without a doubt our best friend when developing websites.

We can help you with...

Lead conversion

With targeted communication, we optimize the conversion of leads, making visitors in your online business into customers.

Visibility on all platforms

We will ensure that your online business is visible on all platforms and that the right people see your messages.

Marketing and branding

Online marketing and branding go hand in hand. We handle this on a conscious and consistent way when we create Adwords, news letters etc.

Mobile friendly website

Your website is responsive so your customers get the right experience on all divices. Supporting your customers where they are.

Beautiful design

Your brand should shine through the design of your website. This happens both through the visuals and with the content we write.

Search engine friendly

We can help you with SEO, technical SEO and much more that can ensure a good ranking on search engines on the internet.

User friendly CMS

You gain full control over your website with Umbraco CMS. It is open source and really easy to use - and then it works on all your devices.

Secure hosting

We can deliver secure hosting that can handle both the space, speed, the visitors and the domains you need.

Service and support

We treat your website as if it was our own and offer you service and support to match. So rest assured. 


This is how a good process looks if it's up to us. We would love to be part of all the project phases but we do not mind if you want to lift some of the parts within your own organization.