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Part 3: Keep your customers happy with Digital Ticketing

The best thing that can happen to any business is (a lot of) satisfied and returning customers. So how to accomplish that?

Digital ticketing - why ticket-selling companies can’t afford to live without it.

Digital tickets can help your business in many aspects. The typical business owner thinks of wonderful effects like optimization, profit margins and control. That we understand.

However, do yourself a favor and consider how your product and service are doing out there on the market.

The customer opinion is crucial for your business to succeed. Today’s way of communication can bury you alive if you fail or fall behind in the eyes of the critical consumer.

On the other hand it has never been easier to become successful. People will talk – but if you treat them right and deliver a bit more than they expected and paid for, they are likely to speak well of you. All it takes is a solid product that people want (often, the service that surrounds the product is what defines it).

A digital ticket solution can help your company blossom through service – it is that simple and at the same time very complex. Actually, what we can do equals the service requirements of today’s online consumers:

  • Easy access to tickets (online presence and beautiful interfaces)
  • Easy access at location (no queues, no slow human interaction)
  • Easy ticket handling (cancellations for example, no office hours and human interactions)
  • Automation (the systems knows you making i.e. online search and purchase more effective)
  • Easy sharing (branding framework to facilitate the customer sharing with her network
  • In the real world: Friendly and competent personnel at all necessary touch points such as Facebook and a call center in case of “emergencies”.

Nerd alert! In the next ticketing post we will look into the engine.

Thank you for your time.


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Digital Ticketing from inetdesign on Vimeo.

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Christian Skov

Christian Skov is partner and responsible for the communications department in INETDESIGN. Christian has worked with business communication and branding since 2002 and has great experience in how you utilize the digital platforms efficiently. He also has extensive knowledge about Google Analytics and Google Adwords. 

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