Sådan udnytter du gamification til markedsføring

Sådan udnytter du gamification til markedsføring

Hvad kan gamification gøre for din virksomhed?


Why your business needs marketing with 3D technology?

Why your business needs marketing with 3D technology?

3D can simplify even the most complicated concepts. It can be particularly important in the early stages of an idea, as pitching to clients, looking for funding or preparing staff to sell a new product or idea.

04 August, 2014

Looking to improve your website performance? Use video!

A recent study carried out by Brandmovers and Huset Markedsføring among the Danish content marketers puts video on top of other tactics such as newsletter, social networks, photo, blogs, articles, events and mobile content. The content marketers were asked to rate the most effective tactics in reference to the specific objective of the online activity. To raise brand awareness (24 %), to approach new customers (15 %) and to improve customer loyalty (14 %) are the most usual objectives for the average Danish content marketer.

The study also reveals that only 64 % of the companies use video even though it is rated as the most effective format (84 %). For comparison 72 % of the companies use articles on their websites although only 64 % thinks that articles are in fact effective.

B2C and B2B companies rate the content marketing tactics differently. B2C companies have the best results using formats such as video, images and mobile apps. B2B companies have the most success with case studies, reports and infographics.

Source: Brandmovers: Content marketing i Danmark 2014

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